Mindfulness and Meditation


Circle of Peaceby Anna Wise
-This can be be read and recorded in your own voice-

Allow yourself to take some time to relax your body.....And still your mind......There is almost a sense of moving backwardBackward into softness, backward into warmth, falling.......falling quicker now, faster and faster into a deep meditation, and the faster you fall, the more relaxed you become. As you fall, you are aware of passing through different levels of consciousness.They may be presented to you as images, sights, sounds, voices, body sensations, feelings, even smells and tastes.......And you fall beyond them..........Now you begin to slow.Still you are falling, but gently, much more slowly.....almost drifing down.And down below you, far, far down below you.... you see a circle...And it is toward the exact center of this circle that you are falling.....A Circle of Peace....Getting closer and closer now, and the closer you get, the slower you are falling....And you see that it is a circle of peace, the very center of which you are moving toward, now hovering just above it.And with exquisite gentleness and softness.... you come to restin the exact center of this circleSo that you are lying symmetrically in the center of the peace circleand you can see and feel very clearly all around youAnd you can feel this peace begin to enter you....It may take many forms.You may feel strange and pleasurable sensations....And the Peace permeates your body, there may be messages that come to you, or just an indication of where the next step on your path may lead you.And now, ever so gently, you feel yourself rise out of your physical bodyinto your spirit body, and higher self, And the Peace continues to permeate you and becomes even strongeras it is directed to your spirit body....Peace..... entering your spirit...And it feels goodAnd now, as your higher self truly begins to feel peaceful, you descend again......Passing through the emotional and mental bodies, back into the physical body once again, Taking into the physical body all the peaceyou received in your higher self,integrating that peace throughout.....Feeling yourself aligned, integrated, and in harmony within yourself.....At Peace.......

Receiving Darshan from Ram Dass