Soul Coaching Sessions

One-on-One Soul Coaching
Individual sessions are customized to your specific needs and dreams. We will work together to uncover your key values and purpose based on your intuitive guidance.In person or phone sessions: $75 per hour

28-Day Soul Coaching Program
The 28-day Soul Coaching Program is suitable for both groups and individuals. It consists of four one-week modules based on the four elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth. These elements correspond to mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellness. You will learn to harness their power to release what no longer serves you, discover your deeply held knowledge, and find meaning and sacredness in your everyday life.

Each day there are very practical assignments in three levels of complexity - you can choose which best fits your needs on any given day. No pressure, just what’s right for you on a specific day. No matter how busy you are, you can do this program!

5 meetings, all materials included: $350

 - These meetings are conducted 'workshop' style over 5 weeks
(3 or more participants needed to conduct a workshop)

Online sessions, all material emailed: $250 -
Optional sessions available for online students:
* Space Clearing Workshop - $50
* Nine Houses Soul Collage - $75
* Oracle Card Reading - $50

NLP and Master Hypnotist Sessions

Transpersonal Therapy

Debbie’s soothing voice will guide you in releasing long established unhealthy habits, fears, and false beliefs. This process gives you the freedom to let go of addictive behaviors and give you back the right to choose! Some subjects are weight loss; body image; smoking cessation; phobias; addictions; pain control; fear of success and/or failure; and stress relief.

In person or phone sessions: $75 an hour

Past Life Regression
Do you have fears, worries, phobias and even prosperity blocks that don’t seem as though they originated in  this lifetime? Do you think you may have latent talents, gifts or abilities you’d like to discover? Perhaps you’re just curious about the past lives you have lived. Often we are unaware of the influences of our past lives. Knowledge is power. Within everyone's unconscious mind, we have stored the knowledge of our collective experiences as a Soul. The unconscious mind will only reveal the information you are ready to receive. If you’re ready, I will guide you on an interactive past life journey of discovery and freedom. This is a wonderful, powerful tool that will help you release past life vows, promises and beliefs that no longer serve you. You’ll also feel free to embrace your gifts and talents in this lifetime. This process returns to you the right to choose the life of your dreams.In person or phone sessions:  $75 an hour

Future Life Progression and Time Line Therapy

Is it possible to visit our future lives?  Choosing the life you say you want and seeing the future impact of your choices can be a powerful, life-changing experience. Your future positive life becomes a template that you can build your current life around. Your unconscious mind does not know future, past or present. Learning how to act “As if” and seeing the life of your dreams as already done will be a very powerful tool in attracting it to you!  In person or phone: $75 an hour

Life Between Lives Therapy for Spiritual Regression
An even deeper level of hypnotic trance permits an individual to access not only past lives but also the experiences and lessons accumulated in the life between lives, or the memories of the afterlife. In Life Between Lives Regression hypnotherapy, the individual moves backward in time to childhood memories, memories of being in the womb, into a past life, and finally enters the higher realm of the spirit world. In remembering the soul state in the afterlife, one can connect with guides, soul mates, council of elders, and life and body selections. This type of hypnotherapy is more comprehensive and allows one to continue the rest of his or her current life with renewed energy, strength, courage, and awareness. Life Between Lives Regression reminds us that we are spiritual beings in human form. Information about the spirit world involves such themes as:
    Guides, Soulmates, Council of Elders, Life and Body Selection, Returning to Earth for the Current Incarnation.
*This session usually takes place in person only and lasts about 3 hours or more ~ $250

Transformational Card Reading
Take a soul journey and relax as Debbie intuitively reads from oracle cards.  Find out what your soul wants you to know. You’ll be filled with inspiration and an understanding of how spiritual energy is working in your life. This session may be done over the phone, the Internet or in person. $30 for a 30 min session

Other Services

Reiki Master
Experience the Universal Love and Light and healing of Reiki.  Reiki supports you while activating your own powers of self healing, adjusting your attitudes towards life, and expanding your state of consciousness - 1/2 hr or one hour sessions available.

Wedding Officiant    

Uniquely designed for each couple- contact for fees and scheduling