Soul Coaching

What is Soul Coaching?

Would you like to become the creative architect of your life experience? Do you dream of a life filled with joy and inherent creative energy? Join me for an extraordinary, collaborative renewal program and align your outer life with the inner wisdom of your soul.Using Denise Linn’s renowned Soul Coaching© process, I will gently guide you on a transformational journey of self-discovery to the depths of your essence. I will assist you in learning to hear your inner voice, develop clarity, release negative patterns, let go of limiting beliefs and discover who you truly are.I teach you how to walk the path of your soul’s purpose, where your dreams stop being goals to strive for and start becoming a way of life.

Living from the Soul
When you quiet the mind and tap into your soul’s wisdom, you will naturally take actions to manifest your vision. You will feel in the flow. You live boldly and purposefully, and at the same time enjoy a new way of inner contentment and calm.We all dream our world into being with the thoughts, beliefs and images that we have about ourselves. When you clear away inner mental and emotional debris, push past your fears, and recognize your ability to write a better story, the universe works with you to manifest it. You dance with spirit.When living from the soul, you can dream bigger, brighter dreams and achieve them faster than you ever thought possible. And your life will start unfolding in a most remarkable, magical way.

The Soul Coaching© Process
The Soul Coaching process is simple yet powerful. I work with both individuals and groups. All coaching is conducted in sacred space and a nurturing, safe environment.

What to Expect
I use consultation, creative projects, past life regression, and various guided meditations and visualizations. The core of Soul Coaching is a Soul Journey, where you get in touch with the real you that is whispering to you every day. You can also meet spirit guides, gain clarity for difficult life situations, and get answers to complex questions.To succeed, you must commit yourself to applying the practices and techniques. While a coach can assist you on your journey, ultimately, how deep you go is up to you and your personal commitment.

28 Days to a New You!

This 28 Day Program helps you clear away all the clutter (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) that keeps you from moving forward. Each week is based on one of the four elements - Air, Water, Fire and Earth. You can work at any level you desire...from an average of five minutes a day to "as much as it takes" a day! No pressure, just what is right for YOU and that day of your life. Of course, a certain amount of dedication is needed, but it is gentle and even the busiest of us has time for this program. By noticing how the elements appear in your daily life, you will learn to use their energy to release the clutter found in all aspects of your life.

Here are the Levels of Participation - Don't You LOVE the Names?

• Level One (15-30 minutes) Committed to Change

• Level Two (30-60 minutes) Going for It

• Level Three ( take as long as you want) Playing Full Out 

Here are some of the projects you will enjoy

• Create a Sacred Contract with your Soul
• Create an Altar(s)
• Delve into your Soul Mission using collage and more
• Find your Spirit Guides, Power Animals, Past Life Guides and More
• Embrace your Creativity - collage, Prayer Sticks and more
• Determine what ZAPS and JUICES your energy
• Create Sacred Space in your life
• There are many more, these are just a teaser

How Will Soul Coaching© Benefit You?

• You will clear that clutter from body, mind & spirit
• You will release old ways of thinking and believing
• Energize your life
• Maximize your clarity
• Increase abundance 
• Attract new opportunities into your life
• Reconnect with YOU

The Soul Coaching Program is suitable everyone, it does not matter one bit your religious preference (if any), age, profession, sex, lifestyle...none of that matters at all to your soul. Soul Coaching will enhance and complement who you really are.